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The Operational Programme Development of Eastern Poland (OP DEP) is financed from the ERDF.

The reason for the development of this programme was that additional funding was awarded from the European Regional Development Fund for the five most disadvantaged regions: Lubelskie, Podkarpackie, Podlaskie, Świętokrzyskie and Warmińsko-Mazurskie. These voivodships are characterised by the low living standards of their residents, a low dynamic of their economic development, poorly developed and inadequate transport infrastructure and insufficient growth factors.

The outreach of the OP DEP covers the areas of intervention of other programmes but it differs in that its scope is restricted to selected areas which, because of the scale of activities and the expected long-term results, may have a special impact on the development processes. This programme is an additional element of support under the structural funds which will enhance the actions of other programmes on the territory of Eastern Poland.

The Objective of Operational Programme Development of Eastern Poland is: ”Hastening the pace of social and economic development in Eastern Poland pursuant  to the sustainable development principle”.

The main objective of the Programme will be achieved through implementation of specific objectives, and namely:

  • Stimulating development of knowledge based competitive economy,
  • Improving access to broadband Internet in Eastern Poland,
  • Development of selected metropolitan functions of voivodship cities,
  • Improving accessibility and standard of transport links in voivodships of Eastern Poland,
  • Enhancing the role of sustainable tourism in the economic development of the macroregion,
  • Optimising the implementation process of OP Development of Eastern Poland.

OP DEP contains six priority axes:

  • I: Modern Economy
    • I.1. Infrastructure of universities
    • I.2. Supporting the establishment and co-financing of financial engineering instruments
    • I.3. Supporting  innovativeness
    • I.4. Promotion and cooperation

  • II: Infrastructure of the information society
    • II.1. Broadband network of Eastern Poland

  • III: Voivodship growth centres
    • III.1. Systems of municipal public transport
    • III.2. Infrastructure of congress and fair travel

  • IV: Transport infrastructure
    • IV.1 Road infrastructure

  • V: Sustainable development of tourist potential based on natural conditions
    • V.1. Promoting sustainable tourism development
    • V.2. Bicycle routes

  • VI: Technical Assistance
    • VI.1. Support for the process of implementation and promotion of the Programme





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